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I now have to turn in a poem for a contest at IU. Why do we have to keep doing this???? I think I'm just going to turn in Fulfilled and not worry about it since there is no specific topic to choose from. ohh well, we'll see.


I have finals next week and I am freaking out.....I'm so doomed. OH well what'll be will be.



This is a poem I wrote for my English class. We had to write about Carpe Diem and this is my view. This one is called Fulfilled.

If given the chance

what would you do?

Do you look back now and

regret? Wish?

Wish that you could turn back time

and take the risks you wouldn't take,

the opportunities you passed up?


Let go.

Don't live in the past,

or you will find

that living in regret

will naught but regret conceive.

A moment of freedom,

will you take it?

Can you throw away

all you know,

all you've learned

for a chance to be,

to be....


Don't think about the consequences

or what may never be.

Live for today

what tomorrow may not bring.


What Life Has to Offer

This is another poem that I wrote for the excel competition. This one is called What Life Has to Offer. Enjoy!


A falling leaf

or a drop of liquid gold.

A chilling breeze

or cold fingers grasping at your clothes.

A common sunset

or a brilliantly woven tapestry capturing the colors of life.

If you never see the world

from any perspective but your own,

how can you ever hope to see

all it has to offer?


Shattering the Illusion

I wrote this poem for the Farm Bureau Excel competition. It was a requirement for my English class. This one is titled Shattering the Illusion.

The world flows around me,

colors shifting and swirling

like a dazzling ballet meant only for my eyes.

I see beauty,

hear it in every song,

smell it in every scent,

feel it in every touch.

Life surrounds me in all its glory

and beckons me.

It calls me to join

in its unending joy.

As I spin with the vibrant colors,

sing with the heart,

feel with the soul,

A Crack.

A flame,

once so small,

Roaring with anger, power.

Feeling, grasping, taking,

The crack widens.

In a dizzying moment of terror,

It Shatters.

I can no longer hear the music,

see the majesty,

feel the rapture.

It is gone now,

that world of colors,

of happiness.

A cacophony surrounds me

and everything becomes gray.

I see the people,

mindless to the truth

of this existence.

They still see a place of life,

they hear it in every song,

smell it in every scent,

feel it in every touch.

They are blind.

The world flows around me,

a river of black, white, gray.

I want to see the colors,

dancing, swirling, there.

But I will never,

never hear the same,

never feel the same,

never see the same.




This is another poem about Italy that I wrote for my friend, and it is yet another poem about the sunset I saw in venice. This one is called Melt.

Color leaks across the
     darkening sky.
It spills along the horizon
   weaving its way around
   the maze of buildings.

The vibrant ball of orange
         dips fully behind the
                   shadowed buildings,
 and in its wake the colors

Shifting from one shade to another
   until all that is left is a
      pale blush.

Finally, the last of the
 color slips away, 
   leaving only the blue
      of twilight.

A Perfect Farewell to Venice

Hey as I said in my first post, I recently went to Italy. This was one of the poems I wrote for my friend. Its called A Perfect Farewell to Venice, I hope you enjoy!!!

A cold breeze hugs my body
as the day comes to a close,
             I watch,
entranced, amazed
  as the sun sinks 

The sun sets fire to the horizon 
           red, pink, orange.
And for a moment
     I gaze at perfection.

The silhouette of buildings
     stand posed against the river of color.
 The shades of brilliant light
      are placed so perfectly 
             its like a painting come to life.

But this is not a work of art,
       it is so much more.

A painter could never hope
     to capture the true serenity, 
                     the overwhelming intensity, 
                                    the breathtaking beauty.

And as the sun sinks out of sight
taking with it that perfect moment 
             I stand in awe.


Hey all, this is Hidlan here. This is my first time posting on my livejournal because I'm not really one for online posting. I usually just float around and read fanfiction, but I decided I should at least try to contribute online, even if no one reads my stuff. I don't really write fanfiction, but I do write a little poetry (not very good, but I try). Recently I went to Italy and my friend asked me to write a few poems about my experience. I decided to post them here, I'll probably get them up later tonight. If you like my poetry, or even if you don't, please just leave a comment. Thanks! 

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